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unabatedshagie6 karma

This is literally the only thing stopping me from using Edge full time (a sentence I never thought I'd have said a few years ago).

unabatedshagie6 karma

My gf of 10 years has never masturbated, has little to no sex drive and is quite "vanilla" in bed. However on the occasions we do have sex she loves it.

I'm almost the opposite, is there any way of getting her to open up a bit more or will I just have to get used to this. I'm not expecting her to be going to orgies or swingers clubs with me just to maybe meet me in the middle.

unabatedshagie2 karma

We do watch porn together occasionally but she has a list of things she doesn't like to see, no anal, only boy/girl no girl/girl or more than one partner, must have a plot, no rough stuff etc. Basically "vanilla" sex. As you can imagine finding stuff like that is hard but I've got a few that we watch from time to time.

We try lots of positions, we do mutual masturbation, 69's etc. We have tried light bondage in the past but again she has rules about it, can only be her wrists and she must still be able to move. I can understand this though.

Like I said, when we have sex she enjoys it, I enjoy it too although I'm often left wanting more. I'd just like it if she would show an interest in sex without me having to initiate all the time, for her to at least try masturbation, doesn't have to be in front of me, just in general and to be a bit more adventurous.

Am I wanting to much?