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Is this type of contract legal in a private way as well? Or is this something your company had to work out legally with the government as a middle man type deal?

Also are there qualifications to be a donor or a genetic test so your company knows exactly the "product" they are providing?

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What are some instant disqualifiers for becoming a donor for either genetic males or females?

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Well then! I do know some places do have disqualifiers such as for men I've heard less than 5'10" is a no go (so me basically) or certain mental health issues etc.

But I suppose at least that means they won't try to steal a used condom of yours and hold you responsible for any offspring!

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If scent and taste are so closely related, and supposedly scent makes up a big portion of taste, then why can some foods smell good/awful and taste opposite?

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So that brings up a secondary question. I had learned that "scent" was essentially small particulates of the scent source, but is it just the fact that your nasal cavity interacts with the particulates differently than the tongue or that the nasal cavity and tongue don't interact with certain things in general?

Such as capsaicin, (hypothetical to express my question) you rub it on the inside of you nose and it has no affect, rub it on your tongue and it burns OR rub it inside your nose and smells sweet, rub it on tongue and it burns

One doesn't interact, one interacts differently