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I was at a restaurant and a group came in and there was a pretty girl with them. She was wearing a leash. The group sat at a table, but the girl sat on the floor next to the guy holding the leash. The waitress said the girl had to sit at the table but the guy holding the leash said something like "That's ridiculous, why would a dog sit at the table. She'll sit right here next to me and eat my table scraps." The waitress said it was unacceptable so the man took the girl outside and tied her leash to a street sign and went back in and ate with his friends.

One of the strangest things I've ever seen. This was a regular restaurant, not a BDSM club. But it was in a trendy town (downtown Royal Oak Michigan), so there may have been a BDSM club next door for all I know.

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If it turns out that Castile was a law abiding gun owner exercising his second amendment rights, will the ACLU no longer be interested in his case?

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And if none of that applies there's usually a medical problem.

Probably related to excessive past smoking, drinking, and drug use.

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How many people in Venezuela are using Bitcoins or other crypto-currency?

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If an ISP can pick and choose what information I have access to, or give preferential treatment to some information over other information, they can and WILL repress the free flow of knowledge and information for their own gain.

Here is the difference. The government has the legal right to use violence to suppress the knowledge. A corporation can't stop you from going to another company that doesn't suppress information.

The problem with Internet is that the government has already given monopoly rights to ISPs in most of the US. So you can't choose another company even though you want to. But again, that's a problem the government created.