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Hello! Thank you for doing this Ama. I have a question as a CF patient. I'm mid 20's now and have long since colonized Psedumonas Aeruginosa in my lungs. When it 'flares up', multiple times a year, I require a course of IV antibiotics. My question is, do you know what causes it to flare up? I can be fine for a few months and then all of a sudden Pseudomonas kicks off again and I need IVs. Do we know why that is? Is it something I've done or haven't done that aggravates the Pseudomonas? I should mention that I'm on daily nebulized antibiotics all year round to try to keep it at bay. I hope you understand my question! Thanks and thank you for the incredible work you're doing.

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Thank you for your reply. Any other promising research on CF that is being done either by you or that you know of elsewhere? Orkambi wasn't quite the miracle drug for me that it seemed to be for others.

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Thank you.