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Hey Everyone, thanks for doing the AMA. I have a question about your opinion the relationship between film analysis and the creative process. I am currently in a few college film classes that focus on analyzing film style. To me, it sometimes seem like analysis goes too in depth to find meaning. Sometimes I find myself asking "Was the creative team really trying to do that?". So I was wondering what your opinion is on the value of film analysis? As creators do you purposely put in patterns that you hope people will discover? Do you mind if people interpret your work in ways you didn't intend?

uffda1wes1 karma

Hi Clint, thanks for the response. I like your point that analysis is important to understand how the audience is affected to compare against what was originally intended.

PS: I think they may of linked the wrong video of your Sleeping Dogs short in the AMA description. It doesn't look like it goes to your channel.