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Cassandra: Yeah, I actually wear fuzzy socks around my house all the time.

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Cassandra: Literally nothing but positive. I was on a first-name basis with many of my doctors and nurses and many of them came to talk to me about fitness and nutrition.

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Cassandra: Depression was a really big thing. I went through two months of being in a really dark place. Anytime I had a CAT scan or an MRI I thought I would end back up in the hospital or be benched again. Anxiety was at an all-time high. When I went to pick up a prescription, I couldn't even remember my phone number. I had no patience for loud noises, and it still affects me now. When it comes to your brain, it's like a ticking time bomb.

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Cassandra: Mainly because I wanted to finish what I started. It had been my goal to bodybuild for the last 3 years and I wanted to get on that stage.

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Cassandra: It would have; I tried to convince my husband to put carpet into my house. Hardwood is very unforgiving.