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2 questions and an advice (if possible) from my side:

When did you have your last allergic reaction and how severe was that?

Is it true that recurring allergic outbreaks become more severe with repetitions?

And about the advice: I'm severely allergic to penicillin and some other medicines (spent some time in a hospital for that). I've also had (non-critical) allergic reactions to strawberries and peanuts before that. My doctor told me that I'm probably not allergic to peanuts and (especially) strawberries, but rather the chemicals that are used in industrial production of those. At that time they advised me to avoid eating whatever is risky, and I keep avoiding those ever since. In my case, would you continue avoiding peanuts and strawberries, or try to return them to your approved foods list?

BTW, signed the petition - hope it works out!

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Many thanks. Still wondering about the 1st 2 questions though...

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Wow! Thanks for all the great vibes!

While I'm enlivening my day with your tunes in the office (thank you for that) and as I was cycling through town earlier, I was wondering if you're ever imagining what people are doing while enjoying your music? What's your perfect listening scenario, do you daydream about that?

I saw many people asking about the name Opiuo > I'm curios about that one as well.

Many thanks and keep making our feet (&brain) jump!

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1.) What is an abusive relationship in your point of view? How do you define that thin line that separates an assult from just another complicated human interaction?

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In your experience, are children growing up in homes filled with domestic violence prone to be more aggressive when they grow up, or they tend to avoid conflicts?

I know there is no general rule, but I'm wondering if you and your colleagues have any observations about that.