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What was the most memorable piece of human made garbage you encountered during these expeditions? Is there anything that you were shocked to find in a remote area?

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Hey so I'm not Chris Hansen, but my dad was arrested in 8th grade when it came to light that he was molesting my sister. I ended up finding out years later that my own father was molested by my uncle. Having that information was really eye opening. I never excused what he did, but it helped me to understand it. I felt sorry for him. He was a very intelligent person, he could have done great things. But he never got help. He never once admitted what he did was wrong, and he never sought any type of therapy. He choose to take his pain and hurt my sister. I felt sorry for him. But that vanished. I feel no sympathy after the damage he caused to her. He chose not to get help. I can't say whether or not that would have made a difference, but he never tried. She's broken as a result. Even after everything, he never sought help. So I understand what drove him to that point, but I no longer feel sorry for him.