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How much do you earn per year? If you dont mind me asking. And this is the in the U.S yeah?

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P.S we should be together too.

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I live in Denmark and was told by someone that the only place to get a Maersk shipping LEGO set was from the Maersk office and people re sell them online at a pretty good profit. Is there any truth in that?

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My girlfriend and I were looking at teaching English in Vietnam for 6 months in a few years, we’ve both visited before we met and think it would be fun. (We’ve also backpacked SE Asia for 6months). I have a masters of secondary education from an Australian uni and she we’ll have a social/early childhood education degree from Denmark where we currently live. She speaks English perfectly but her first language is Icelandic. Will that hold us back? Any tips you could share with me?


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There’s a lot of Indians in Fiji tho.