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You wrote a story called Today, I’m Coming Out in Favor of BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions Against Israel). Upon learning that you endorsed an anti-Semitic movement whose goals are most assuredly not a peaceful, two-state solution, a Jewish organization denied you an opportunity to sell your book at their facility. Given that you were so quick to renounce your views when the opportunity to make some money was taken away, perhaps they found your "favorable political statement" disingenuous.

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A "democratic" state in which Jews are the minority. Why is it so unreasonable for the Jewish people to have a homeland alongside the Palestinians?

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You're guessing the reputation of the DSM is pretty low and reduces help-seeking behavior? Is that assumption informed by your knowledge of the help-seeking literature?

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Anybody who advocates for a one-state solution is a bigot. That includes Netanyahu and the other right-wing nutjobs in his coalition.

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His book.