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tylerthedesigner57 karma

Hi Warren! I have two questions for you related to the game industry at large. What do you think of the 'crunch until you drop' culture that is being largely perpetuated by the larger AAA studios, and its affect on the game industry culture & who does it exclude? Also, what are your thoughts on the current 'race to the bottom' in game pricing, and how its changing the landscape of game scope and revenue options?

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I want the world to hear what's in your brain! Use your keyboard, speak to the masses!

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You guys are truly an inspiration to get off the couch and punch a friend with a Move controller. Especially Doug.

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As a fellow dev, I know how difficult it can be to move away from an Engine/SDK once you're comfortable with it, but it certainly helps to be versatile. What would it take for you to move away from GameMaker?