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tylerjames1986361 karma

what makes goats milk worth making soap out of? how is it different than normal soap?

tylerjames1986168 karma

is it better than human fat? im sorry this has just been a build up to a fighclub joke... but i am glad i learned something. if i see goats milk soap at a farmers market (is that where you sell it?) i will try some.

tylerjames1986101 karma

like i said, im sorry for the dumb fightclub joke. its the 4th and im kinda drunk. that being said, how would i find home made soaps? farmers market? i really would try them.

tylerjames198668 karma

did you just molotov by brother with holyfire?

tylerjames198665 karma

i am using a softener. and i always feel slimy. brb ordering soap. thanks for putting up with the dumb fightclub jokes.