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The mere fact that I was denied my life turned my defense system into overdrive and I always found away to survive. My strong religious beliefs also played a huge factor. Being the only person in my family that can carry on my name I used everything in my power to make sure that it survived with me. Also, music played a role in keeping me sane. I'm a "hummer" and I would hum while working and living in such savage conditions.

Hate is within the hater. It distorts who he is and also stays within him. The person that he hates sometimes doesn't even know about it. Hating someone is the equivalent of drinking poison and hoping that the person who he hates will die. I choose not to hate so that I don't become the person that applied hate to me.

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Yes, I still have flashbacks. My wife tells me that I even get tremors and cry out in my sleep from time to time.

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I'm great! Thank you for asking. I just returned from Germany and saw some of the places where I worked and was able to get some copies of my records. They had 5 records with my name in it in Flossenburg.All throughout that time I was a nobody but this gave me validations that I was actually someone.

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I am glad that I live in this country that allows each citizen freedom of speech, assembly, religion, etc. And I'm glad that there are deniers that live in the same country that express their opinions so the citizens of this country can see how smart, or rather, how STUPID they are.

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Yes, after being discovered in the basements when the Warsaw ghetto was burned, we were taken to a designated place and put on a boxcar that took quite a few trips. When we got on, there were human remains on the floors, smells impregnated the boxcar from previous trips. They packed it to over full capacity (100+) people each car. A trip that should've taken 2 hours took 5 days. There was no food and no water. No bathroom facilities. The low roof of the boxcar with 100+ human beings resembles a lid on a boiling pot of water. People would reach up to get a drop of condensation to wet their lips because it's easier to die of dehydration than starvation. They were packed so tightly that people would die standing up. If you saw someone with their eyes closed, you didn't know if they were sleeping or dead.