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Despair. I think that's the one you're looking for.

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When we sold our last house, our realtor decided to just leave me a cell phone message, which I didn't return within a few hours, and she decided that was okay before bringing clients into my home. The husband and I were doing some business over a few bottles of booze.

Chaos ensued. There was much frantic blanket grabbing and shouting before we got things sorted out. In our defense, we did undercut her normal percentage, but still... it was at the cost of our dignity.

So, have you ever shamelessly marched unsuspecting home buyers through a property that you weren't 100% sure was ready to be seen?

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My mom had a home daycare for 20 years. One day, cps showed up, saying a three year old in Mom's care had been beaten with a 1" belt, and the mother and daughter told them that my father had done it. They literally checked every belt in our home, and found none that were thinner than 1 1/2".

Guess who had a ton of 1" belts? The little girls step father.

My mother quit daycare shortly after. I mean, just imagine if they had actually found a 1" belt in our home.