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I have very strong disagreements with Christianity and organized religion in general, both political and intellectual. But no one is going to be an asshole to a devout 89 year old grandma who lived through communism.

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What is your opinion on the trial of Ratko Mladic in the Hague?

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I've heard that leaving pubic hair on is actually healthier and more hygienic because it provides a cushion for air to flow through. Is it true?

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Short answer? They don't want to be accused of being anti-Israel or anti-semitic. They would be immediately put on the defensive, and when you're constantly defending yourself, you're losing.

Long answer: You're right, US congress is much much MUCH more pro-Israel than the public. But among the US public, the most pro-Israel demographic isn't the Jews (who mostly vote Democrat), but evangelicals, and they are super die-hard about Israel for religious reasons. They might be a minority, but they WILL vote, turnout, and yell at their congressmen over this issue. The people who find Israel's behavior distasteful usually don't put this issue on the top of their minds. This is how a vocal minority can have more influence than an apathetic majority.

It's the same reason why gun control always struggles - the minority of voters who are against gun control WILL vote on this issue, so there's little to gain by pissing them off.