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Soft pedal interview for sure.

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Also, some of these women come from countries where police and others in authority are so corrupt that it is almost useless to go to them, so they have a culture of not turning to police. And, I'm sure their captors tell them they have the police on their payroll and will be beaten badly/disfigured/killed if they go to the police and are returned. And, of course, there's the number of local police who are on the take and would do exactly this.

Definitely not difficult to weave a plausible story, especially when you're backing it up with beatings.

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Did the sheriff better explain what he meant by they report more things as rape than others? I know he mentioned false reports, but I'm confused by this. He thinks he's providing quality data to be recorded, but admitting the data is faulty because they're reporting something as a rape that shouldn't be categorized as a rape? I would imagine there are guidelines, presumably following the legal definitions of what differentiates a rape from a sexual assault from a physical assault from a .... whatever.... so if he's not following those guidelines then his data is muddied.

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Our local NPR station - KCUR - runs ads to have your smart device play them 'hey google, play KCUR'.

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Thank you so much for your reply and the link, very interesting essay. :)