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Future off grid life hack:

The easiest way to run on a fridge on low power off grid is to get a small external controller with thermostat and run a freezer at refrigerator temps. The freezer is far more efficient and can run on a small solar setup and battery bank.

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I'm pretty amazed that you have enough solar for an A/C unit, but not have a pump for your well.

Why in the world are you still carrying all that water?

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The real driving force of the spread of Christianity was when the Roman Emperor (Constantine) realized it would make a useful world religion and help conquer the world.

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Not exactly:

Germany, for example, was Germany to some folks long before the country united and called itself Deutschland. Germany’s central position in western Europe means that it has historically shared borders with many different groups, and many languages use the name of the first Germanic tribe its speakers came in contact with as a name for the whole region


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we are required to pay a third party laboratory to confirm totally safe levels of residual solvents.

That sounds great if you think you can trust the third party laboratories.

I'm not sure how recreational/legal cannabis has changed the scene, but in the past, these third party companies have engaged in poor practices and outright corruption (charging for "clean" tests), resulting in unreliable results.

As an example, a friend had his test come back contaminated with various pesticides that he never used and are not present in his water. The test was clearly flawed.

Do you have follow up thoughts on the reliability of testing services in the recreational market?