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in space it's a huge problem, you either die from your oxygen leaking away or freeze from the heat leaking out. It's much faster but less painful than Ebola.

As far as the suits they should be positive pressure where air might leak OUT but nothing gets in. If they made them resistant to needle sticks thats about the best that can be done. I would think the problem would be having enough of them as they would need a massive sterlization once you leave the ward before you exit the suit, that's going to be some nasty chemicals and/or UV light which would over time cause the suits to break down in areas that see lots of wear and/or bending.

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If you survive do you have lifetime immunity or could a slightly mutated strain overcome your antibodies and you get the disease? Or do you just get a little sick but not deadly ill?

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Already addressed in Sci-fi as an episode of the orginal Star Trek series: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spock%27s_Brain

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Is that bottom line profit after all taxes are paid? How about Cash flow? are you making enough to grow the business to the next level? I assume you are not paying yourself as most startup owners don't so how are you surviving? Is there going to be margin to pay yourself at some point when your savings runs out?

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Thanks for your service COL. Do you think the future as you describe it will be the domain of private enterprise like SpaceX or will it be a partnership? Does NASA get out of the astronaut and launch business and become strictly science?