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So how much asbestos is in the complex?

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It's not a war. It's a jobs program.

Edit: I didn't realize that two snarky four word sentences would garner so much commentary.

Think about what would have happened if Bush wound down the Iraq war in say 2008. On top of the unemployment from the recession we would have thousands of ex-military looking for jobs. We would also have defense contractors laying off in droves. The recession would have become a full blown depression.

This didn't happen because more than a few Republicans realized that they could have an economic stimulus without them actually voting for an economic stimulus. The wars provided the cover for the necessary ongoing deficit spending.

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Have you sent a link to your blog to the Russians with a polite request to be taken off their list of targets?

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Discovery is a bitch. They either provide the documents or they try to hide them and maybe later get in much bigger trouble. If the producers are smart, they will turn over whatever they have.

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So one should pay for living expenses like food and shelter with the credit card while using their checking account to pay off the loans. Gotcha!