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A close friend of mine told me that when she was working at a grocery, while pregnant, that dude knocked a bunch of stuff off the shelves onto the ground and yelled at her to clean it up and got her fired when she argued with him.

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If I'm ever directing voice actors what should I never do?

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As an American, it seems like the Russian people have allowed themselves to be used by one demagogue or another for over a century. Do you think that's ever going to change?

Also, I've always wanted to take a long train ride through northern Europa and Asia. Do you think that'd be a dumb idea?

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OK, thank you for the response. Maybe some day I can rent a truck and camper and see how far I can get in a couple weeks with my laptop.

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If you'll pardon me two followup questions:

What, if any, help would you ask of other countries to see that change happen?

Would you recommend a road trip as opposed to a train trip then? I'm looking for peace and open space.