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I have feared this day since the first I came across the AMA boards. I knew one day this would happen... I knew you would come.

You've written some books that have given me nightmares well into adulthood.


First question:

  1. How do you write a series like the Remnants and have that classified as young adult books?

  2. My friends and I have often wondered if you have to go to the dark dank places of your soul in order to write books that never have anything go well for them. i.e. Remnants is a constant "Fuck You" to the characters... I feel bad for them. I kept reading it thinking, "will it EVER get better for them?"

  3. Are you satisfied with how EverWorld ended? It wasn't very satisfactory as a reader. Can you explain why you ended it the way you did?

Thank you for doing this!

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KingHillBilly? As in the KingHillBilly? I remember so badly wanting to play warcraft with you. Sitting on heat, then kali with the IN clan just hoping to be noticed. fawn

Edit: Runic, hire this man. He is the type of person who needs to be involved in gaming decisions.

Edit 2: Do you still play RTS'? I still play some with python, thor and a few others and would love to stalk watch you play sometime.

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I can't thank you enough for your candid responses. Ever think about revisiting some of the "done" series'?

Sorry for the follow-up :P