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"you take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza - you've got cheesy blasters!" and then all the kids say "thanks meat cat!" And he rides off on his, um, skateboard."

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This person doesn't know what they're talking about. There isn't any sort of cutoff at 90, a large part of the VR install base right now (cardboard, daydream, gear VR, etc) maxes out at 60.

The higher hz the better in VR, and 90 is just the highest refresh rate HTC/Oculus could reasonably source and mass manufacture. Higher is better, but a little lower won't kill you.

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How did you get started doing this? Have you met any of them in person?

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I have a completed book that I wrote and illustrated for my senior project. But it's very dark and depressing - it's about a kid who goes to hell to find his dead dad. Do you think that kind of thing could possibly do well, or do i need to make something more happy and colorful?

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So anyone could do this, theoretically? How many of the people you wrote answered your letters?