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It’s this kind of important information that I feel like most people have no clue about (I didn’t) that worries me about absentee ballots. I’m sure this information is provided in some kind of literature with the ballot (I hope), but not everyone is going to take the time to read it. With the issues I’ve been seeing lately, it seems very likely there will be plenty of ballots thrown out due to people either not knowing all the information (like this signature example) or not taking the time to read all the information and directions before just filling it out and sticking it in the mail.

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You make it sound totally impossible, but in reality, we all know that whoever checks signatures is not going to scrutinize that hard, if at all. Software maybe I can understand but I doubt every mail in ballot gets run through signature matching software. But even then, what if you happen to write your name differently? It’s kind of awkward signing drivers license cards, and if I recall it’s done with a stylus on a pad you can’t even see while you write. Of course my pen and paper signature will differ from a stylus electronic signature.