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Oof, I can relate. Worked for a horribly narcissistic advisor for 5 years. Found a new mentor in a related field and will hopefully defend in August. Writing is pretty damn tedious assay the moment though! Congrats on your successful defense!

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Omaha. It means Omaha.

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As a graduate student working in biological science, what possibilities exist for potential recycling or waste reduction with commonly used plastics such as pipette tips, aspirating pipettes, boxs, and tubes (conical/roundbottom/epi).

I saw that the biopharma recycling program sounds like it is more scaled for industry level needs rather than university needs. What, if any, directions are possible for reduction of day-to-day plastic waste in science labs?

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Hey Coach Leach! When we were were between coaches I never thought we would get you to come to WSU. With a bunch of family living back in Texas that are TTU fans it was great to see you come to coach and turn the program around! Couple questions for you though:

1) What was the hardest part of the adjustment to the Northwest and Palouse?

2) Do you think you will ever have the time to guest lecture a class at Wazzu?

3) If you could have any job other than coaching what would it be?

4) If provided the opportunity would you ride out onto the field on Butch's ATV designed as a pirate ship?