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Tyler Perry dark?

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Is he fat right now or no?

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Question about this. Is this money meant to be spent at retailers and such to help "stimulate" the economy or is this meant to cover bills? I feel like if it's the later it's not enough. Has there been any talk about suspending or waving mortgage/rent/car payments for the next couple of months? We're fortunate enough to have a little savings to cover us for the time being but so many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and $1000 won't cover the rent alone.

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I'm just saying $1000 is a drop in the bucket for a lot of people.That's why I thought this was meant for buying things instead of covering bills. That's not even a full month's rent/mortgage for most people. I'm not complaining about free money but I just don't think it's close to enough for what they're planning it to cover. That would help a broke 25 year old renting a cheap apartment downtown and that's about it.

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Why tho?