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The naked man.

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I choose to believe that wasn't him acting. He just wandered on set and though it was real and the cast/crew went with it.

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Just thought it was funny at the time.

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Fellow S3 owner, works for me. You may just have a lot running in the background?

( also I'm using a custom ROM so that could well be it )

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Alternatively, once it wasn't that hard, obviously every professional in that entire field are trying to rip them off, personally.

So the instant something actually complicated happens and they need to call a tech out to fix it, they are incredibly hostile that yes, the bill is more that $20, because I spent that in gas to get out to your house in the middle of nowhere, and the parts for your 20 year old bug-infested Gateway are $50+, and I would like at least enough money for a $1 burrito on top of that....