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Do you have a favorite "monster of the week" from the X-Files?

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Ever received this sort of offer?

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I'm a stock photographer and as a matter of fact I photograph stocks and bonds: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/europe?searchterm=stock+certificate

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I've flown Aeroflot a few times in recent years and it's quite good. Decent service, new planes, good onboard entertainment and Moscow Sheremetevo is a nice airport to connect. Clean, free wifi, choice of restaurants, cheap alcohol.

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Sooo, to sum up: I can actually get the room cheaper at a random online booking website, but I'm going to be treated better by the hotel staff if I book more expensive, but directly?

Seriously, even if a hotel advertises that direct booking is cheapest, it usually is not. I checked one of the hotels from your image, Planet Hollywood right now. Cheapest deal for 2 nights on December 12-14 directly at PH is $273.52 (incl tax) + resort fee of $58.00.

The same stay booked with a random OTA is $233.42 (incl tax) + resort fee at at least 3 OTAs. And these OTAs also have deals/discount coupons etc.