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I didn’t read your entire statement as I stopped after your conspiracy argument. The crime actually has to be committed for that to be chargers it just means two or more people decided to do it together. Your ignorance of the law would certainly make it harder to understand what the actual three strike rule is

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You’re lucky you got anything hero. I hate to be the one to break this to you... but not everyone is a “Nazi racist transphobic piece of shit”. Enjoy another four years. Posts like this are the exact reason it will be a longgggg long time before another liberal steps foot in the Whitehouse. Sorry sweetie. Enjoy your piss stained undies sitting in your parents basement

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NAILED IT. And one that’s completely biased and 100% untrue. Their little study project would prove law enforcement is the least racist profession on the planet haha. What a joke

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Taking you at word and assuming you’re not being dishonest you’re the anomaly. Changing sentencing guidelines based off of one person supposed experience with the evidence is pretty clear it’s the other way is one wya to look at it I guess. I just think you’re being very misleading to people that don’t understand the three strikes law