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For you, what takes a mediocre show and turns it into a truly memorable show?

Can't wait to see you at stagecoach next year, how does Frontgate treat the artists for this event? They're generally fairly craptacular to the paying customer and have made some hilariously bad rules.

(ie. last year no one who didn't own an RV could camp. So country music, which caters to the 'working man' couldn't even go, because more or less no one but middle aged men actually own an rv)

If by any chance you could accrue any meet and greet passes for Stagecoach there's a group of us who would love to meet you.

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What about on the developers side? The night the awards were on, only one dev friend was commenting about it and she works as a community manager and or rep.

At work Monday morning, no dev I talked to had any clue the awards were even on, the few that were aware simply shrugged and went back to filling their cup of coffee.

It's obviously about the games, they're the celebrities. Publishers have a vested interest but developers honestly don't care. Is their any push to change that?

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I'm a Canadian whom moved to the states in 2004 going from student visa to OPT visa to H1B to now a green card. If I decide to gain American citizenship what's the best process to keep my Canadian citizenship?

Been on the green card for just under a year now, and may become married within 2-4 years if that opens up any different possibilities.

Thanks for your time.