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I still remember the Andre Cassagnes (French kite maker) obit from a couple years back, not because I had known about him before, but because the obit made me feel the loss and celebration of a creative, lovely person.

What are your most memorable pieces? And whose obituaries did you find the most challenging to write, and why? Edit: Typo.

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Hi, Stephanie! Are there any new or recent books (in English or Spanish) you recommend that discusses current Latin American sociopolitical issues? I enjoyed Alma Guillermoprieto's "The Heart That Bleeds" in the past. Thank you!

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Thank you for your work, CGID! I know there are interesting and non-traditional, multidisciplinary partnerships to tackle the prevention of malaria, like the Tableau and PATH Vizualize No Malaria work in forecasting. What other under-the-radar multidisciplinary partnerships are addressing malaria that you think we should know about? Please feel free to share about CGID partnerships too.