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I'm a tad confused with the end goal here. It seems the plan is to essentially route (see: rip) an article to your application and compel the user to read through said article. Once the user has read through the article, your app will pay the publisher of the article... Somehow? This is very unclear on how this is done without partnering with the publisher.

Won't this lessen the revenue of publishers? The only people that would use this service are people that would read many articles, and for your company to make a profit, the payment for each of these would have to be pretty minimal. If it's not minimal, than this feels like the MoviePass problem. This application is either predatory or unsustainable, and I'd like to hear how it is otherwise.

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Wait, you keep describing the application as a browser AND a community. Is it meant to just be an effective manner to read articles, or is it supposed to encourage users to interact with other users about the articles? If it's the latter, how is that being handled? If it's through a comment section, how is that different from most websites that already have that on their articles?

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I'm not sure if you've explained how this enhances reading. Reading is a great use of time, yeah, but what makes this app do that improves it in any way, other than removing ads? That's already a service many (free) add-ons do. If your concern is honestly trying to help people with attention issues, this isn't the way to do it. You're charging people to help with a disfunction, and guising it as a business venture, if that is the case.

Furthermore, you've said multiple times in this thread that you don't have partnerships with publishers right now. So how do you pay the thousands of publishers that will end up on your platform that aren't partnered with you?

Hundreds of millions feels like a gross overestimate of the amount of people that seek to read articles on the internet. There's probably a miniscule fraction of that that would even consider this being a service worth paying for unless you're offering something unique. Even less that would actual go through with the purchase.

So you speak on behalf of the publishers?

And I want to respond to this part right here. If you want people on your side, don't be condescending like this right here. Not cool.

This thread is full of questions on how this would be beneficial in any manner. If so many people, your prospective users, are questioning how this would work in any manner, maybe this isn't a very sound format.