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The origin of the protest is extradition bill, which is quite normal for countries to sign with other countries.

Extradition bills are common when they're not being used to extradite political prisoners. It's clear that in this case, being able to use this as a tool of censorship is the motivation.

Edit - Wow looks like I've hit a nerve with party sympathizers. You can argue all you want that the proposed law would exclude political "crimes," but as another user before me pointed out, "let’s not pretend that accusing dissidents of unrelated crimes is a new play."

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I'm not sure I see an answer to the question here. Is your strategy, "eh, fuck it?"

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did this to trigger all the programmers out there

Indeed. Line 1 in most programming languages will always return true since you're setting rather than comparing. You've therefore wasted the last 2 lines of code, which will never execute. Triggered.

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You're not supposed to put lithium batteries in checked luggage.

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One of my more memorable relationships in my early 20s was with a woman I met in Washington Square Park. Where were you back then to ruin it for us because no one gets to approach people in the park but you?