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As a frequent flyer that isn’t exactly comforting.

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This is confusing to me. Farts come out of a closed system that goes from mouth to anus. They weren’t inflating your intestines, and any holes in the barrier between GI tract and rest of body are deadly. How are you farting the gas out?

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People who donate kidneys aren’t the ones who need immunosuppressants. This is talking about organ recipients.

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Who is ‘they’ here. The reporters haven’t really weighed in other than saying their reporting led to YT briefly fixing the issue of algorithms placing videos of semi-naked children in the ‘up next’ queue on similar videos.

They only real ‘suggestion’ I see is that ‘moderation may not be the best way to pursue regulation’ (loose quote).

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This is a really important point. If a charity raises $100 and only spends $5 on staff, then they have 95% 'going directly to the cause' which is $95. But if a charity hires a well known/respected fundraiser and raises $1000, but spends $400 on staff. They only gave 60% to the cause, but that 60% is $600, over 600% more than the 'more efficient' charity.

This pervading sentiment on Reddit (propagated by sites like charity navigator) that % to cause is the best metric does all of us a disservice.