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All I really have to comment or add is thank you.

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How is it not relevant? Do you not see what's going on today, how allegations of terror are being used to foment war once again?

Also, just make it a not-for-profit thing. Re-invest the cashflow into other shit you actually do believe in, if you don't trust yourself to invest the money wisely (ie feel bad about it).

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If we alleviate suffering in the current generation, all generations going forwards will be less susceptible to mental illnesses. Will your show be more for academics or the lay-person? Will it discuss potential policy suggestions or just stick to the underlying science?

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You are aware of the twins and the one being sent to space, correct? I'm excited for the results of that.

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I think that the recording of all transmitted information could be a good tool for democracy, if the knowledge contained therein was accessible to the masses and used democratically. Something akin to the bitcoin protocol allowing us to see transactions, or Swedish tax information being available online. As it stands, I applaud your efforts at dismantling a thoroughly undemocratic mechanism.