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There will be quite a political spotlight on Georgia over the next few months with a recount and then a runoff that will likely decide the balance of the senate. Are local governments or the state government preparing for the potential of large demonstrations and increased political tensions?

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That's what I think too. Both parties are already sending operatives (in the political sense of the word) to Georgia right now to prepare for the senate runoff.

And right now there are a lot of people who still think Trump "won" the election and that the courts will prove that. Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada would be enough to give Trump a victory, so I think the lawsuits and recounts in those states will be the focus of Trump Nation. Georgia is the biggest of those states, and was decided by the smallest margin.

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I think you are on the right track, but your example actually confuses the premise. Mainly because I don't think getting married just because you get pregnant is always the best move.

There are times in a relationship when, out of pride or a sense of ego, it would be easy to treat another person badly because you don't think they are treating you fairly. It is at these times that this quote makes sense to me. You do the right thing by the other person and give your love a chance to grow.