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At least they're not trying to talk about Rampart.

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Turkey is currently ramping up for another round of genocide.

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My wife has stage 2 last spring. When it was identified, it was a damned whirlwind and I was just along for the ride for a few days.

She had abdominal pain for a couple days and it finally got bad enough to the ER docs. The gave her a CAT scan and found a mass. She was transported to the local cancer hospital in less than an hour.

Just take care of the routine stuff and let her focus on recovery and relaxation. Make sure you have child care, paying bills, clean the house, feed the dog, make sure you have appointments covered. I used FMLA to take time off for chemo sessions and follow up appointments. DM me if you want to talk.

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Strangely enough, those are the same apps that are installed on the phone by my service provider and cannot be uninstalled. I suppose that a force stop/disable in the app settings will have to do.

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I read your original post up top and through the thread. Please don't share so many personal details. I'd hate to see you allow yourself to be found out by the government.

Keep up the fight!