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Hi, Garry! Thanks so much for this! What is your favorite instrument or ensemble to write for and why? Any method of recording that you prefer over others?

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High five! Doesn't your back feel instantly better??

I had the same exact procedure 3 years ago with a slight revision after the first year, and let me tell you; you're gonna love them. If you take care of the scars well, they'll fade to virtually nothing after about a year and a half. Make sure you moisturize regularly once the stitches heal and don't go for a run for about 6 months.

But my goodness, when they start relaxing into their natural shape you're going to be the happiest woman on the planet!! It will do wonders for your body confidence as well :)

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Question for Darren: with regards to the mix of each game, has your approach to balancing color/theme/sprawl of SFX and music changed from title to title? Bastion and Transistor were very polished, I'm curious if your process shifted at all.