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who is lucas? i keep hearing stuff about him and cant find the original post.

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they would expect higher pay for higher profile characters.

This is exactly the reason. It robs the VO artist of the ability to make an informed offer during salary negotiation.

As you say, a "Main antagonist of Fallout 4" is a much more prestigious role, and would command a much higher salary than "middle-aged mercenary of some unknown show."

In some cases, the studio doesn't even tell the potential VO artist the name of the game/show. How can the actors be expected to negotiate an appropriate salary if they aren't even allowed to know anything about their role before they sign the contract?

The knowledge of an actors role would cost the studio a lot of money in salary negotiation, and that is a huge monetary incentive to not tell them about the role.

And the whole "leaks costing money" argument against the VO actors knowing more about their role? Whenever stuff is leaked about upcoming games and movies, it very often builds hype. It's not like they're trying to protect their hidden trade secrets.

Shouldn't the VO actors be allowed the opportunity to make an informed offer during salary negotiation? I say yes, and that anything otherwise would, I agree, be pretty underhanded.

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