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Hey, that guy is speeding...better got 120 mph, while cutting through traffic, to ticket him for being dangerous.

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That's true. When I was in rotc, like OP, you do your final training at Ft Lewis in Washington. Ft Lewis has massive ant mounds, and ants are everywhere. Part of training are stx lanes, where you simulate a combat situation, so playing it real is key. During multiple missions, dudes ripped their crotches out, then got in the prone position to provide cover, then ran around screaming because ants crawled into their pants and onto their sacks. Good times

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I'm in the Army, and I feel your pain. I am truly sorry for your loss, and hope that you are coping. However, you do not need to assault them. They want you to hit them. You won't just go to jail...you'll get sued. It is not heroic to do this, nor is it honoring your cousin.

Though it's shitty, your cousin died defending their right to protest. You may not like it, and it may not be fair, but it's the truth.

I am begging you not to make contact with WBC. It won't just be a simple thing where you spend a few hours in jail. They will press charges, you'll get your balls sued off, and you'll have a record that keeps you from getting a job or loans.

You aren't proving anything by doing this. The WBC is comprised of sad, heartless people. Do not slink to their level. Take the high road, and, in doing so, save yourself from forever altering your future.

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Does Georgia, specifically Atlanta and surrounding suburbs, think that putting multiple lanes behind paywalls, thereby increasing congestion on some of the busiest roads in the country, might be a contributor to the increase in traffic accidents? Or is it just texting?

Because as a person who travels through ATL monthly, this just seems like another money-making opportunity, similar to Peach Pass (I mean, really, how can you justify creating congestion by having lanes behind a paywall, and then promoting fast travel by paying for it...it was already paid for by taxes)

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So I cant use my evil phone, but I can use the integrated dash of my Audi...the one where I can play with music, go through my phone directory, check out google maps, even switch the look of my dash? Because my hands are on the wheel, not touching a phone, etc?

This kind of thing is such nonsense, it's the worst kind of money grab...Georgia will pass this under the guise of safety, but they won't stop putting multiple lanes behind paywalls, thereby shrinking the interstate and creating congestion? Please explain how falsely created congestion is better than me changing a song on my phone? It's beyond disingenuous.