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Who told you biologics were dangerous? Can you get affordable access to them? I have never heard of a person having severe side effects. The alternative is to slowly cripple yourself and live in a world of pain. I have AS. I suffered for years in incredible pain waiting for a diagnoses. I decided to try the biologics. They are a miracle. I have been on them for years and sometimes I even forget I have AS anymore. You might want to give them a try. Sure there are some nasty potential side effects, but you find those with many life saving medications. Maybe some people who have experienced side effects that outweigh relief from AS will speak up on the thread. I have never experienced a single side effect, and I am able to roll around and wrestle with my kids now. The longer you wait the more fused your spine will become and the less benefit you will see from taking the medication. Before I was on the meds they were just throwing Vicodin and Ibuprofen at me. Those were much more dangerous than the biologics. I just thought I would give you my example. Stay strong. Take care of yourself.