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Not the person you responded to, but I get both. I, however, have clicked on multiple articles from fox news about things that he's done, and I'm on a gmail mailing list from the white house, and the president (that sends out some of the worst, most polarized, and divisive surveys and emails that I have ever seen in my life.), so that data is not just coming from FB, but my google account and google news articles that I actively click on. I am not a Trump supporter.

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How much of your time does your comic take up in your life?

Is it like a second job with all required obligations?

Does it feel burdensome at times, or is it just something you love to do?

Thanks for all the great posts, I share them widely!

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I have to believe that you're right, because otherwise I would have to believe that someone made that survey, then someone read it and said "yep, this is how we get the data we need in order to do better, send it out" and that makes me sick to my stomach.

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How many mirrors have you clipped off cars that park poorly or because of oncoming cars that don't get over for you?