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So are you now living on your own? And how did the rest of your family react to you coming out?

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My mom has ulcerative colitis and I know just how bad it can be. I've witnessed her rush to the bathroom with only seconds to spare plenty of times and realize how painful an embarrassing it can be for her.

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Are you still a big Coheed fan? I loved AOTS as a middle schooler and had you as a friend on MySpace (lol) and distinctly remember my first introduction to Coheed as hearing Welcome Home as the song on your profile. Hearing that song for the first time is what led them to become one of my favorite bands ever

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I'm watching the entire thing. I think it's really cool. Sure the editing may not be top notch, but that's whatever. Most people wouldn't have the balls to go out and do half the things you did throughout the making of it. Great job.