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We had a big trip booked but was cancelled, now we're thinking we wait a full year because we still want to do it in the warmer months.

How do you think refund policies going to look April/May of next year?

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I've been dreaming of visiting rio for years, I've been obsessed with the music and culture. I want to visit sometime after the olympics, but how dangerous is it really for a white guy from the United States? I feel like I would be a walking target.

The Oi Rio Pro surf contest was recently in town and some of the athletes left before the contest started after witnessing a shooting at a gas station. I hear about lots of robberies, and unfortunately i just look like the kind of white guy that has money.

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Thanks for answering! Can i ask a follow up?

What is the population of Rio listening to right now? What are the popular genres of music? Is there any great music that I should check out?

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Lol at MC Bin Laden! What a name... I'm excited to check that out, I love funk and i'm obsessed with 70s era Brazilian Jazz/Funk so I'm hoping to find something like that.