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yeah but you get NONE of the meat that sits at the bottom of the taco, just some fucking lettuce and tomatoes and shit. Terrible taco distribution, it's like you're eating a shitty salad first and then just a pile of meat later. Gross.

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What happened between you and h3 (and FUPA)? I heard they fired you for some reason?

Thanks for doing this AMA.

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Have you ever read "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie? I read it and it gave me a much better idea of what reservations are like and what being a Native American is like.

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Hard to be honest when you're president. And probably a bad idea. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer who was honestly way too honest and righteous, which is a major indirect reason why he is considered to have been a bad president (he did a ton of great work after the presidency though).

Lincoln was one of the very best presidents, IMO, maybe the very best. I don't know if any other president could have achieved what he did. He miraculously kept the union together with really good decisions and strategies, and set up many good policies to help mend the separation between north and south to make sure that it wasn't just the north bullying the south and allowed the south to reenter the union instead of being angry and letting his emotions speak. He cared about the union most. Although it's true it wasn't his "righteousness" that led him to free the slaves (more of an incredibly brilliant strategy so that Britain couldn't support the south), he still did and as time went on did become an ardent abolitionist. He came at such a crucial time as well.

George Washington was great as well, I think. His biggest achievement was not taking power for himself. He did not desire to be king, and set a precedent. He could have been despotic and could have pretty easily been like Robespierre, but he was so against that that he didn't even want to be on a coin. He was so popular the people would have agreed with anything he wanted, but he chose to stabilize the system and plant the roots of a working democracy. However, I don't think he was as great as Lincoln.

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his crew has like 5 really attractive girls on it, and they all get along pretty well it seems...