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trashpanda69215 karma

Hi, Rob! Congrats on High Level! I'm sorry my questions are kinda random;

1) The colors you tend to work with are always really visually interesting to me, and from all the pics you tweet, your entire house seems to be decked out in the stuff. How did you do that? What inspired it and what got you started? Has changing your lighting improved your quality of life in some way? 1.5) If someone wanted to set up something similar, how should they start?

2) A ton of people do webcomics and enjoy how they can be in control of everything and work at their own pace as their ideas develop. How long did it take you to get started on High Level? What was it like working with a team? Did working with others improve the experience?

3) [Bonus] Have you played Hyper Light Drifter? It's an indie game that came out in 2016 and aesthetically seems like it might be up your alley. It's also entirely dependant on the visuals and sound design to tell the story. (On mobile rn. Here's the opening https://youtu.be/9rVdUufUBss)

trashpanda69215 karma

Jumping on, just for a personal opinion: what do you think of fan art, in this regard? Does it cover "share their work" and "tell them" by virtue of being its own creation and a labor of love, or does it get real weird real fast?