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Or as I like to call them... The Grapes of Wrath

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I was performing in Finland recently and got asked to teach them some slang while hanging out around the smoking area. It was bizarre and hilarious hearing a crowd of Finns go "You fackin' what, mate?"

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Please don't correct that typo, it's glorious.

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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm not American but watched the second plane hit live on news. Like many others, I was initially concerned & intrigued by the claims of conspiracy, but after researching online it quickly became apparent that the claims were misconstrued & best, & outright utter bunkum in most cases.

My q... How do you deal with people who after 15 years still believe in controlled demo etc? Do you ignore or attempt to educate them (I myself lost patience of trying to use logic, science & reasoning to combat disinfo on this subject a few years ago).

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Hahaha. Excellent response, made me chuckle outloud :)

I was just being a twat, but it didn't occur to me that people would actually get confused. Jeez, I guess this is why we need 'contains nuts' warnings on peanuts.

I'll admit I didn't read the premise initially, I like the idea and always looking for awesome new sci-fi to devour, so I will order a copy and look forward to enjoying it. However I'd agree with other posters that the web site / image doesn't look very pro.