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Given the recent sex scandals in PA, and on top of all the other sex scandals that have happened, I've had Catholic, and Protestant since they have their own scandals, friends who've told me that they've instituted policies/procedures in their churches to ensure that children aren't raped/molested by priests and congregants.

Assuming that your god is real, my question is this: What does it say about your god who was so allegedly outraged at gay sex that he issued orders to put men to death who engage in it and destroyed two ancient cities over it but yet does/did nothing while his own representatives here on earth groomed/molested/raped thousands of young boys, in his own house no less, for a period of at least decades if not centuries?

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The bible doesn't support that notion and there's many instances in it where God directly interferes with a person's free will. Moses and the Pharaoh being the best known. There's also the story of King Abimelech wherein God flat out says he stopped him from having sex with Sarah, Abraham's wife, so he wouldn't have to kill him in Genesis 20. So your god is more than capable and willing to protect innocents.

So again, what does it say about your god that he let children be molested by his representatives in his own house for so long?