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For me, it was at a college career fair. the CIA regularly attends a great deal of career fairs across the US. That is where I gave them my application. Then I was assigned a recruiter who walked me through the process, interview, then trip to VA area for physical, tests, polygraphs, etc then a background investigation. There are all individual steps. hope that helps!

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That's a GREAT question! So, at the CIA it would have definitely been when we were accidentally fired upon by a friendly military who mistook us for unfriendlies. We were all in a bullet proof car, but needless to say a bit jarred!

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Bush was actually wonderful. I feel lucky to have worked both under Clinton and Bush and I can say that BOTH were supportive, methodical, empathetic, and a voice of calm and reason. Certainly some may not agree with his politics, but I found him to be a voice of calm

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Wow, that is a GREAT question! I would say situational awareness or " the perception of environmental elements and events with respect to time or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their future status" They taught us that at the farm in defensive driving, foot surveillance, etc and at the FBI in their fake city, Hogans Alley

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I am so glad you enjoyed the episode!

I think states would use them for the same reason that the world is in a state of panic and disbelief right now. Certainly this virus wasn't manufactured, but the psychological impact that it has had on the world is here to stay forever. It is more about that than anything else. Also true it takes only one or two people, but isn't efficient.