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Hi Mr. Dalio - I've been reading Principles and love it!

When I observe your presence in interviews, you seem very in-tune and respectful of the people with whom you're interviewing, and yet you also chide your former younger self for being arrogant (for example when you were testifying to congress in your early 30s). You seem the type who truly tries to get at understanding the meaning of the person speaking but can also balance putting forth your piece as an authority on the issues you speak about. I recently saw you keeping strong self-control and respect with an interviewer who was kind of crass (I want to say MSNBC but can't remember).

How long do you think you've had this kind of balance and do you find yourself trying to engage this way with people off camera as well? Is it something more recent or did you manage this kind of humble / balanced engagement with people since you were a younger guy in your 20s and 30s?

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How are you so sure? Is there any precedent for making weapons like this in Iran? Have they made chemical weapons all this time? Is what you are saying just opinion or based on sound knowledge?

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Every. F'ing. Time. Just stop.