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I was born and raised in Colorado and lived there for 40 years. I moved to WA about 5 years ago to be closer to my wife's family.

Until recently, I didn't realize that everywhere didn't do this.

I've just been spoiled, I guess.

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Sounds to me like it might just be good old fashioned nepotism?

As a kid I worked 2 or 3 weekends a month on a small Colorado ranch. We neighbored a dude ranch that owned a small acreage surrounded by NFS land. Accessible only by NFS roads. The NFS land was considered some of the best hunting in the area.

Because the dude ranch was in good with the local ranger they got him to close off all the roads and give them a key. Officially it was to "prevent erroision" but everyone knew it was a favor to give the side ranch private access and hunting.

I will say this was the exception. Most of the management done was honest. One bad ranger in charge of this area...